Match Your Project to a Grant Program

This list will help you identify NEH programs that align with your proposed project. Each NEH program has distinct eligibility requirements; see the relevant Notice of Funding Opportunity. Contact NEH staff listed on the program resource page for additional information.

I am organizing a scholarly conference.
I want to investigate or advance methods for the preservation and access of physical or digital collections.
I want to develop or put on an exhibition or cultural program.
I want to develop or produce a radio show, podcast, television program, or documentary film.
I want to design a website, virtual reality experience, or mobile app with a strong storytelling element.
I want to develop or enhance digital methods, workflows, or software for the humanities.
I want to create a print or digital scholarly edition or reference volume.
I am seeking support for a capital project with humanities significance
I am seeking support for assessments and strategic planning related to climate change at my humanities organization
I want to evaluate current interpretive programs or audience reach for interpretive programs
I want to provide staff training on best methods for interpretation or on interpreting for a specific program