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Period of performance

15 months

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If you receive a "Bad Request" message when you apply, it is possible that your assigned role in does not give you the correct permission. See Grants Management Policy and Guidance for Awards to Organizations | The National Endowment for the Humanities ( for more information.

NEH-funded institutes are professional development programs that convene K-12 educators from across the nation to deepen their understanding of significant topics in the humanities and enrich their capacity for effective scholarship and teaching.

NOFO Webinar Recording: The video below provides an overview of what Institutes programs offer and how they are organized, addresses each section of the application requirements, and covers budget requirements and what to know about submitting your application.

Office Hours: Click here to ask NEH staff any last-minute questions before the optional draft deadline, or call in (audio only) at 202-600-8430, Conference ID: 865 781 598#. 

  • Thursday, January 4 (12 – 1 pm Eastern and 4 – 5 pm Eastern) 
  • Friday, January 5 (12 – 1 pm Eastern and 4 – 5 pm Eastern) 

Previously Funded Projects (see Section C.3, Eligibility Information): 

  • You are considered previously funded if your project director and co-directors have been previously awarded under the Institutes, Landmarks, or Seminar programs. 

  • Previously funded projects must wait a year before reapplying. 

  • Previously funded projects must submit all participant evaluations without modifications (such as data cleaning or analysis charts). 

  • Considerations for previously funded projects integrated within narrative sections. 

  • If you have previously received an Institutes award, you must limit your narrative to 12 pages. 

Outputs (see Section A.1, Purpose):  

  • All applicants must include a “Program Outputs” statement with their Work Plan. Examples are included in the NOFO document and NOFO webinar. 

Applicant Eligibility (see Section C.3, Other Eligibility Information):  

  • An individual may not serve as project director for multiple proposed projects. 

Replacement Director(s): Do not include replacement director retainment stipends. 

Attachments (see Section D.2, Content and Form of Application Submission): 

  • Attachment 1: Narrative 

    • Must begin with a one-paragraph summary of the project. 

  • Attachment 5: Letters of commitment and support 

    • Clarification regarding who should submit letters of commitment and support. 

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Complete your application package

Follow the instructions outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity and the instructions.

Submit your application package

You will receive a confirmation from when you’ve successfully submitted your application. Subsequently, you will receive up to five more notices confirming different stages in the application process. Verify that you have received all confirmations. Note that email filters may send these messages to your spam or junk folder.

Program Statistics

In the last three years this program received an average of
53 Applications
per year
This program has a
36% Funding Ratio
NEH made an average of
19 Awards
per year