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15 months (Level I), 24 months (Level II)

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NEH Institutes are professional development programs that convene K-12 educators from across the nation in order to deepen and enrich their understanding of a variety of topics in the humanities and enrich their capacity for effective scholarship and teaching.  

Most fundamentally, institutes:  

  • allow immersive study of topics of significance to the humanities  
  • foster new fields of study and/or revitalize existing areas of inquiry  
  • reinvigorate teaching and increase intellectual impact in the classroom  
  • build lasting communities that foster participants’ intellectual and professional collaboration  

They should:  

  • ground the study in significant humanities texts and related resources  
  • explore multiple approaches to the topic in a manner that is both rigorous and collegial  
  • provide opportunities for deep and collaborative engagement with the topic  
  • model excellent scholarship and teaching  
  • consider how the topic engages recent developments in the scholarship, teaching, and curriculum of participants’ professional settings  
  • reach the widest possible audience for whom the topic is relevant  

Optional Draft Review: Submit a draft of your narrative to @email by February 8, 2021 to receive feedback from program officers before the final deadline.  

What’s New for 2021 

1. NEH will not offer seminars in 2022, but institutes may involve small teams of visiting scholars and/or significant time for seminar-style discussion. 

2. Institutes may be offered in a residential, virtual, or hybrid format. 

3. The program of study may include time before, during, and/or after the summer. 

4. Participant stipends will vary depending on both project format and duration. 

5. Level II applicants must propose a significantly more robust dissemination plan than in previous years. 

6. All applicants must include an academic schedule and a work plan. 

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To apply for this grant, you will be need to be registered for a D-U-N-S® number, with the System for Awards Management (SAM), and with If you have registered with these systems previously, confirm that your registrations are current and up to date. If you fail to allow ample time to complete registration with SAM or, you will not be eligible for a deadline extension or waiver of the online electronic submission requirement.

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Follow the instructions outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity and the instructions.

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Several days after the proposal deadline, NEH will provide instructions on how to submit reference letters. Reference letters should be submitted no later than March 19, 2021.

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