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The Landmarks of American History and Culture program supports a series of one-week workshops for K-12 educators across the nation that enhance and strengthen humanities teaching at the K-12 level.

The program defines a landmark as a site of historic importance within the United States and its territories that offers educators a unique and compelling opportunity to deepen and expand their knowledge of the diverse histories, cultures, traditions, languages, and perspectives of the American people. Projects employ a place-based approach, teaching historic sites through critical interpretation in order to explore central themes in American history and government, as well as in literature, art, music, and related humanities subjects.

Each workshop must accommodate thirty-six participants (NEH Summer Scholars) and must be offered twice during the summer (for a total of seventy-two participants). The content, presenters, site visits, activities, and readings should be substantially the same in each week. Workshops may be hosted by institutions such as community colleges, universities, four-year colleges, learned societies, libraries or other repositories, centers for advanced study, cultural organizations, professional associations, and schools or school systems. Host institutions provide facilities and arrange for accommodations for participants, who receive a stipend. NEH expects host institutions to furnish facilities conducive to scholarly engagement with topics and sites.

What’s New for 2019

Eligibility: The same project (that is, a project with essentially the same substantive content) may not be offered in consecutive years.

Previously Offered Projects: Previously offered projects must demonstrate appropriate changes or updates to the project and must present a specific and robust program of dissemination beyond the participant audience.

Staffing: Both project planning and implementation require at least one faculty or staff member with a background or significant experience in K-12 education. Projects should also provide for a backup director, should the designated director be unable to serve.

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Landmarks of American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers Program Guidelines (PDF)

Landmarks of American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers Program Guidelines (DOC)

Landmarks in American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers application package

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Landmarks Workshops Budget Form, 2019 (MS Excel)

Landmarks Workshops Sample Budget, 2019 (PDF)

Program Resources

Landmarks of American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers Frequently Asked Questions, 2019 (PDF)

Principles of Civility for NEH Summer Programs (PDF)

Landmarks of American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers awards, 2016-2018

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DUNS Number Requirement

Sample Application Narratives

Amherst College, Emily Dickinson, Person, Poetry, and Place

Ford's Theatre, Lincoln's Assassination and its Aftermath

University of Connecticut, Gullah Voices

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Alliance, Conflict, and Captivity in Colonial New England

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Hoover Dam and the Shaping of the American West

University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson and Community Life at Monticello and the University of Virginia

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