The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act, also known as the FOIA, was enacted in 1966 and is the primary means by which the public has access to Federal agency records. All Federal agencies, including NEH, are required to make requested records available unless the records are protected from disclosure by one or more of the nine exemptions and three exclusions of the FOIA. The FOIA only applies to Federal agencies and does not provide access to records held by Congress, the Federal courts, state and local government agencies, or private businesses or individuals.

Many NEH documents are already available through this Web site, so please be sure to check the FOIA Library before submitting a request. If you have reviewed the information on this Web site and are unable to find what you are looking for, you can submit a FOIA request in writing or online. For instructions on how to obtain a record from NEH, go to How to Submit a FOIA Request.

Additional information about NEH’s FOIA program and other FOIA resources can be found by accessing the links below:

2023 FOIA Report (XML) (CSV) (PDF) 29 KB, 5 KB, 287 KB
2022 FOIA Report (XML) (CSV) (PDF) 29 KB , 6 KB, 311 KB
2021 FOIA Report (XML) (CSV) (PDF) 28 KB , 7 KB, 240 KB
2020 FOIA Report (XML) (PDF) 27.7 KB, 252 KB
2019 FOIA Report (XML) (CSV) (PDF) 26.7 KB, 5.0 KB, 186 KB
2018 FOIA Report (XML) (CSV) (PDF) 26.1 KB, 4.72 KB, 163 KB

2017 FOIA Report (XML) (XLS) (PDF)

27.38 KB, 13.39 KB, 244.97 KB

2016 FOIA Report (XML) (XLS) (PDF)

26.16 KB, 13.14 KB, 196.36 KB

2015 FOIA Report (XML) (PDF)

26.15 KB, 209.76 KB

2014 FOIA Report (XML) (PDF)

25.03 KB, 184.13 KB

2013 FOIA Report (XML) (PDF)

24.91 KB, 304.19 KB

2012 FOIA Report (XML) (PDF)

26.81 KB, 77.54 KB

2011 FOIA Report (XML) (PDF)

27.85 KB, 306.05 KB

2010 FOIA report (PDF)

297.79 KB

2009 FOIA report (PDF)

99.46 KB

2008 FOIA report (PDF)

100.43 KB

2007 FOIA report (PDF)

99.65 KB

2006 FOIA report (PDF)

139.24 KB

2005 FOIA report (PDF)

61.82 KB

2004 FOIA report (PDF)

131.44 KB

2003 FOIA report (PDF)

243.91 KB

2002 FOIA report (PDF)

22.96 KB

2001 FOIA report (PDF)

200 KB

2000 FOIA report (PDF)

106.84 KB

1999 FOIA report (PDF)

88.67 KB

1998 FOIA report (PDF)

109.8 KB