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July/August 2012

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July/August 2012

Frenchman weeps as Germans occupy Paris

Julien Green: The End of a World

As Germany occupied France, Green brought Paris to life in his superlative diaries.

By Francis-Noël Thomas

Volume 33, Issue 4

An uneasy alliance of browsers along the Seine, summer of 1940.

Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

  • Features

    Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche

    Nietzsche Is Dead

    The battle for Nietzsche's legacy began when Count Hary Kessler met Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche.

    By Meredith Hindley
    Illustration of medieval mystery play.

    The Body of Christ

    Theology became flesh and blood in the sacred street theater of medieval England.

    By James Williford
    The hero of Gilgamesh ruled the ancient city of Uruk circa 2750 BCE.

    Lessons from a Demigod

    Gilgamesh was a brutal tyrant who foolishly tried to defeat death.

    By Philip Freeman
    James Agee portrait, standing in a window.

    Let Us Now Praise James Agee

    The journalist who pioneered serious film criticism showed a cinematic touch in all of his writing.

    By Danny Heitman
    Etching of Rousseau

    Friends of Rousseau

    Some of the people he has influenced don't even realize it.

    By Leo Damrosch
  • Departments


    Street Sense

    Walking tours of Baltimore's Mount Vernon reveal a neighborhood's literary roots and architectural gems.

    By Jen Kalaidis

    To See a Face

    Simmie Knox's bumpy road from abstract artist to presidential portraitist.


    By Henry Wiencek

    Into the Deep

    U-boats off the Carolina Coast were part of Germany's attack against American shipping in World War II.

    By Amy Lifson


    Thoreau on Flora

    Author of Walden proves to be invaluable to today's scientists studying climate change.

    By Anna Maria Gillis

    Hawaiian Angle on Building

    One person's pagoda is another's bell tower.

    By Steve Moyer

    Penn’s Woods Online

    Keeping tabs on the Commonwealth's uncommon history.

    By Steve Moyer

    Best Bug Art Ever

    Machinist by day, entomological mosaicist by night.

    By Anna Maria Gillis

    Impertinent Questions

    Impertinent Questions with Chad L. Williams

    African-American soldiers in WWI: A broadening experience for many.

    By Meredith Hindley

    Executive Function

    Indiana's Keira Amstutz

    Humanities programs connect across state.

    By Julianna Thibodeaux


    Editor's Note, July/August 2012

    From questions of legacy to a writer's talents for cinema review and scene-making.

    By David Skinner