Sailing to Freedom: New Bedford and the Underground Railroad




New Bedford, MA


July 17-22, 2022; July 24-29, 2022


1 week


Professional Development Program

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This National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks Workshops for School Teachers features a series of discussions with leading scholars about the intersection of the Underground Railroad, whaling, and the maritime trade within the United States. New Bedford, MA, a premier seaport and whaling capital of the United States during the Antebellum period, provides a perfect backdrop for our focus on the Underground Railroad and sea routes to freedom. The workshop emphasizes the powerful abolitionist forces within the free African-American community and the Quaker establishment of New Bedford.

Project Director(s)

Anthony Arrigo; Timothy Walker

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Timothy Walker; Anthony Arrigo; Lee Blake; Jessica Ross; Polly Zajac; Len Travers; Laurie Robertson-Lorant; Kate Clifford Larson; Cassandra Newby-Alexander; Kathryn Grover; Carl Herzog; David Cecelski

Grantee Institution

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Funded through the Division of Education Programs