Punishment: The American Story




Amherst, MA


July 10-29, 2022


3 weeks


Professional Development Program

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"Punishment: The American Story" will address three questions about punishment.

1. What is punishment and why do we punish as we do?

2. What can we learn about politics, law, and culture in the United States by examining practices of punishment?

3. What are the limits of punishment?

The issues raised by these three questions are integral to a larger story of punishment in America. For history, civics, social studies, literature, and other teachers at the middle and high school level, the Institute will illuminate texts, classic and contemporary, in which the subject of punishment figures prominently and disciplinary practices found in schools.

Project Director(s)

Austin Sarat

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Robert Blecker; Lawrence Douglas; David Karp; Adriann Lanni; Terry Maroney; James Martel; Linda Meyer; Naomi Murakawa; Keramet Reiter; Paul Robinson; Ashley Rubin; Leo Zaibert

Grantee Institution

Amherst College

Funded through the Division of Education Programs