Unidentified Civil War soldier in a New York Zouave uniform.
Photo caption

Unidentified young soldier in a New York Zouave uniform. North and South had Zouave regiments, which took their name and inspiration from the dashing native North African troops employed by the French Army as fighters and mercenaries.

Liljenquist Family Collection, Library of Congress

January/February 2011
Volume 32, Issue 1

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Mo Yan 101

Sometime in the late 1960s or early seventies, a neighbor told Guan Moye about a writer he knew whose work was so popular that he could afford to eat jiaozi—“those tasty little pork dumplings

A Fish Story

California finds its own history in a documentary about the punk/funk/ska band Fishbone.

After Shock

Maine holds a conference relating war trauma to classical literature in Washington, D.C.


Wheel of Cogitation

Oregon Humanities’ Wheel of Cogitation travels about to street fairs with the aim of starting conversations that lead to an exchange of ideas.

Brain Booster

This ingenious handmade apparatus for cranial osteopathy, ca. 1930s, was constructed from pieces of two catchers’ mitts and a belt.