Resources for Applicants to the NEH Office of Digital Humanities 

The NEH and the Office of Digital Humanities have published an abundance of resources to help you navigate our programs and write a competitive application. We’ve compiled many of these resources for your reference. Bookmark this page: we’ll keep it updated with new materials as they are released.

Finding the right fit for digital projects

The NEH has more than twenty grant programs that can fund digital projects, spread across all of our offices and divisions. Use these resources to navigate the many funding opportunities that we offer and determine which ones are right for you.

General applicant resources

The NEH has published several resources that are useful for all applicants. New applicants are especially encouraged to review these resources as you begin to prepare your application.

Resources for applying to the Office of Digital Humanities

The ODH oversees a subset of grant programs relating to experimentation, infrastructure, and professional development in digital humanities. Use these resources as you develop your ODH application.

Dangers and Opportunities of Technology
Fellowships Open Book Program

List of potentially eligible books (last updated March, 2023) 


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