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NEH in the News

Selected articles on NEH-supported projects.
Posted: January 25, 2017

"Defunding the NEH would be like firebombing Yellowstone National Park," says Dr. Rosner in an interview with Waypoint. "It's that important to the vision and integrity of our country."

Posted: January 25, 2017 Trump Will Cut NEA and NEH That Fund Arts And Culture
USA Supreme

While attending an inaugural ball on Friday celebrating the arts, celebrities lashed out at the new president for considering budget cuts that would eliminate art funding.  Trump's team has been looking at a proposal that would drastically cut federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years, according to The Hill.  On the cutting block would be the National Endowment for the Arts, which would be eliminated entirely.

Posted: January 24, 2017
Education Dive

Humanities and liberal arts are a significant part of Grinnell’s institutional identity. According to officials, nearly half of its applications for National Endowment of the Humanities funding are granted, compared to just 8% nationally. With so much of the institution’s profile shaped by the discipline, some wonder what impact federal cuts may have to the teaching and auxiliary educational programs on the private Iowa campus and other liberal arts colleges throughout the country.

Posted: January 19, 2017

“The NEH and NEA are two of our most important cultural funding institutions, without which projects and works like Live From the Lincoln Center, the Sundance Film Festival, The Mingus Project, The Perseus Digital Library, the Humanities Open Book Program, the poetry of W.S. Merwin, and the writing of Isaac Bashevis Singer — the negative impact this will have on the Jewish world seems manifestly obvious — might not have been possible.

Posted: November 15, 2016
Gonzaga University News

At a lecture at Gonzaga University's new Center for Public Humanities, NEH Chairman William Adams addressed how humanities can help beterans make sense of their wartime experiences.