‘We Are Water MN’ exhibit opening

(September 18, 2019)

“We Are Water MN” reveals the central nature of water in our lives by exploring how we relate to water—how we use water, how water unites communities, how water affects every element of life, and how we care for our water and protect it for the future. Visitors can reflect on local stories and the meaning and experiences of water in Minnesota with space to add their own stories. By creating relationships around water, we are creating networks that can promote positive social norms and share a vision for, and participate in, water stewardship.

“We Are Water MN” is led by the Minnesota Humanities Center in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minnesota Departments of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources.

“We Are Water MN” is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities and with money from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Aitkin Independent Age Press