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July/August 2011

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July/August 2011

Young dancer

Everything Is Divine in Bali

A new exhibit of art, ritual, and performance from a tropical paradise.

By Steven Winn

Volume 32, Issue 4

Balinese bird mask, circa 1900-1940.

Photo by Ben Grishaaver, collection of W. E. Bouwman

  • Features

    The Conversation Piece

    Henry James and the American Idea

    The Atlantic Monthly helped establish the expatriate author as a literary great.

    By Susan Goodman
    Open book

    The Well-Wrought Textbook

    The making of the midcentury English department classic, Understanding Poetry.

    By Garrick Davis
    Robert E. Lee astride Traveller

    How Did Robert E. Lee Become an American Icon?

    The man was remembered, but not his cause.

    By James C. Cobb
    Shah receiving Persian ambassador

    Sultans of Swag

    A look at "Gifts of the Sultan" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

    By Doug Harvey
    Edmund Byrne's house

    A Texas-Sized Renovation

    Buried Treasure in Austin.

    By Brett Campbell
  • Departments


    Badger Boys in Blue

    Wisconsin remembers its Badger Boys who fought for the Union.

    By Laura Wolff Scanlan

    Fire on the Walls

    Texas looks at the land through the eyes of artist Alexandre Hogue.

    By Patricia Mora

    A Prison Debate

    Massachusetts compiles the history of the Norfolk Prison Debate Team, which even beat the likes of Oxford's best.

    By Beth Schwartzapfel


    Capital Gains

    Adolf Cluss lived through revolutionary times, first in his native Heilbronn in southwest Germany, where as a young man he got swept up in the popular uprisings of 1848, and then in Washington, D.C.,

    By Steve Moyer

    Paging Modernism . . .

    By Steve Moyer

    Of Circles, Terraces, and Spheres

    A little rusty on the Dante you read as an undergraduate? Like to brush up a bit on some points in the Inferno, like that “mal” something?

    By Steve Moyer

    Impertinent Questions

    Impertinent Questions with Deborah Harkness

    On animated pies and other curiosities of sixteenth-century life.

    By Meredith Hindley

    Executive Function

    Arkansas's Paul Austin

    Putting humanities tools into local hands.

    By Bernard Reed


    Editor's Note, July/August 2011

    In this issue we take in the legacies of two celebrated Americans, whose love of country was profoundly qualified. Robert E.

    By David Skinner