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May/June 2009

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May/June 2009

Leon Kass

Great Expectations

In the classroom and in daily life, the bioethicist believes in the best of human nature.

By Yuval Levin

Volume 30, Issue 3

Leon Kass, the 38th Annual Jefferson Lecturer.

Chris Hartlove

  • Features

    Prescott Hall, leader of the Immigration Restriction League

    Immigration and the Brahmins

    An influx of undesirables at the end of the nineteenth century hit Boston's elite rather hard.

    By Vincent J. Cannato

    What Words Are Worth

    In defense of the humanities.

    By R. Howard Bloch

    Darwin the Young Adventurer

    The budding naturalist avoids life as a minister and finds himself aboard the Beagle.

    By Janet Browne
  • Departments


    Curiously Reckless Rebels

    An exquisitely fine pencil drawing hanging in a bedroom at Tudor Place in Georgetown in the nation’s capital has a tragic tale to tell that is lacking in some basic details.

    By Steve Moyer

    Velo News

    Histories of bicycle racing often give in to hagiography, but historian Christopher S.

    By Steve Moyer

    Father Secchi's Dim View

    From Maria Mitchell and the Sexing of Science, Renée Bergland’s NEH-supported biography of one of America’s first professional astronomers.

    By Steve Moyer

    John Wanamaker Monorail

    Shouldn’t these tiny travelers be beaming?

    By Steve Moyer


    Searching for Truth: From Genesis to Genotype

    Jefferson Lecturer Leon Kass describes his journey from medical school to the heart of the humanities.

    Impertinent Questions

    Impertinent Questions with James Leve

    On the composers of Cabaret and Chicago.

    Executive Function

    Maine’s Erik Jorgensen

    Erik Jorgensen, captain of the Maine Humanities Council.

    By Andrew Lawler