Little Tokyo: How History Shapes a Community Across Generations




Los Angeles, CA


June 24-28, 2024; July 15-19, 2024


1 week


Professional Development Program

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Little Tokyo: How History Shapes a Community Across Generations” will examine history through the neighborhood of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California. Joined by scholars, educators, curators, and community historians, this program will examine how this unique area has been impacted by events and issues such as restrictive covenants, eminent domain, the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans, the civil rights movement, and gentrification. We will consider history’s relevance to present day issues of identity and preservation. Additionally, participants will explore teaching through primary sources using the collection of the Japanese American National Museum.

Project Director(s)

Lynn Yamasaki; Sohayla Pagano

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Emily Anderson; Erin Aoyama; Kristin Fukushikma; Kristen Hayashi; Karen Ishizuka; Hillary Jenks; Mitchell Maki; Kathy Masuoka; Mark Masuoka, Mike Murase, Michael Okamura

Grantee Institution

Japanese American National Museum

Funded through the Division of Education Programs