From the Fragments: Places and People in Colonized New England




Durham, NH


July 10-14, 2023; July 17-21, 2023


1 week


Professional Development Program

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This Landmarks workshop invites participants to the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire where archaeology is revealing new insights into what happened when English colonists came 400 years ago, including multifaceted encounters with Indigenous peoples, labor-intensive economic pursuits with lasting environmental consequences, and the presence of people forcibly brought by colonists for labor, including indentured Scots and enslaved Africans. A combination of expert lectures, immersive place-based field trips, and online resources will help educators develop ways to share an early American story much more complex than captured in popular Thanksgiving tales. Educators from many disciplines, grade levels, and places are welcome.

Project Director(s)

Meghan Howey; Stephen Trzaskoma

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Lisa Brooks; Paul and Denise Pouliot; Michael Palace; Kabria Baumgartner; Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire

Grantee Institution

University of New Hampshire

Funded through the Division of Education Programs