Impertinent Questions

“When Is It Time to Go Home?”

HUMANITIES, January/February 2008, Volume 29, Number 1

From the archives of the San Francisco Call, digitized in the California Digital Newspaper Collection, and hosted by the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research at the University of California at Riverside. “Impertinent Questions” was a weekly contest featured on the front page of  the Call. The following comes from the week of February 5 to 12, 1908.

For the most original or wittiest answer to this question—and the briefer the better—The Call will pay FIVE DOLLARS. For the next five answers The Call will pay ONE DOLLAR each. Prize winning answers will be printed next Wednesday and checks mailed to winners at once. Make your answer short and address it to IMPERTINENT QUESTIONS, THE CALL.

Impertinent Question No. 37

Winning Answers to “When Is It Time to Go Home?”

$5 prize to M.C. Melsom, Wrights.

     When some nice man offers you one.

$1 prize to Miss B. Cleary, 309 Lyon Street, City.

     Do you have to be told?

$1 prize to Robert Davies, Corning.

     For peace—6; for war—midnight.

$1 prize to Jennie Maloney, 353 Wall Street, Los Angeles.

     In Alameda, 6 o’clock; Oakland, 9; San Francisco, never.

$1 prize to H.M. Ward, 1902 Green Street, city.

     After the first “last one.”

$1 prize to A. Tietjens, Winters.

     When they wake you up to ante.