Take My Husband, Please

Wife finds her husband practices both medicine and burglary.

HUMANITIES, May/June 2008, Volume 29, Number 3

From the May 1, 1908, San Francisco Call, digitized in the California Digital Newspaper Collection, and hosted by the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research at the University of California at Riverside.

Bride gives up to prison her society thief. Four Months’ Wife Finds Her Husband Practices Both Medicine and Burglary. Conscience Stricken, She Leads the Gay Robber Into Hands of Waiting Police.

Berkeley, April 30—Decoyed into the hands of the police by his pretty bride of four months, W. W. Goelet, physician, traveler, student, nurse, soldier and man of the world, graduate of Columbia College, young and debonair, was arrested as a desperate burglar tonight with half a dozen bold crimes booked against him. . . .

Nearly three weeks ago Goelet, who had been dividing his time between the practice for his profession as physician and nurse and that of gentleman burglar, barely escaped a posse of collegemen and coeds who pursued him through the University of California campus after he had been surprised rifling the rooms of Miss Fannie Brewster at the North Gate Apartments, Euclid Avenue and Ridge road.

Goelet, who had been a guest at the fashionable apartments for two days, had made a cleanup and he was all but caught in the chase which followed. There he had been known as W. H. Wythe, a man of style and fine presence, entirely beyond suspicion as a marauding housebreaker. . . .

Goelet’s part in the crimes first came to the police a week ago when Mrs. Goelet . . . went to the Chief of Police Vollmer and, in great distress, declared that her husband was a criminal. . . . A trap was set for the gentleman crook. This evening, by prearrangement, Goelet and his wife took an automobile ride, leaving San Francisco for Oakland. In another auto were Berkeley officers. On the ferry boat Goelet was taken into custody.