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September/October 2008

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September/October 2008

Vermont's Shelburne Museum

Farmhouse Mod

Great art meets folk art at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum

By Sarah Stewart Taylor

Volume 29, Issue 5

Wooden fishing lures from the Shelburne's folk art collection

Photo courtesy Shelburne Museum

  • Features

    From the Horse's Mouth

    Pinpointing a home of the first Indo-European speakers is a charged task that David Anthony takes seriously.

    By Andrew Lawler

    One Master, Many Cervantes

    Numerous translations of Don Quixote, some made without knowledge of Spanish, attest to the novel’s long reach.

    By Ilan Stavans

    Poe Man’s Immortality

    The great writer lives on in cartoons and comic books.

    By Edward Lawrence

    Vodka in South Bend

    Russian music and mentoring create an unlikely colony of artists.

    By Joseph Horowitz

    Muscle Memory

    The choreography of Ulysses Dove lives on in New Orleans.

    By Michaela Cannon
  • Departments


    From Revival to Rock ’n’ Roll

    Rosetta Tharpe never had Mahalia Jackson’s political cachet or her connection to the civil rights movement.

    Road to the White House, 1908 Edition

    From New-York Daily Tribune, Wednesday, November 4, 1908

    Vice-Presidential Candidate and Sons Go to Booth Together.

    Golem Revival

    The most vivid, pervasive and influential version of the golem legend emerges from sixteenth-century Prague and is indelibly linked with Rabbi Loew (1525–1609), the famous spiritual leader of


    The Revisionist

    Writer Amity Shlaes talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about her take on the Great Depression.

    Impertinent Questions

    Impertinent Questions with Kristine Harper

    As a meteorologist for the United States Navy for more than twenty years, Kristine Harper is distinctly qualified to talk about the weather.

    Executive Function

    Connecticut’s Bruce Fraser

    Connecticut’s Bruce Fraser stands up for the quieter, shy sister of the arts.

    By Cathy Shufro