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May/June 2008

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May/June 2008

John Updike

The Artist as Showman

Jefferson Lecturer John Updike talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about his writing, the "gorgeous creatures" of modernism, and much else.

Volume 29, Issue 3

John Updike, the 37th Annual Jefferson Lecturer

Joe Ciardiello

  • Features

    A Fan's Notes

    On Updike’s long game.

    By Adam Gopnik

    The Word Museum

    Wander through the labyrinth of two brothers' eclectic collections.

    By Harry Siegel

    Liebling's War

    A. J. Liebling’s World War II journalism climbed to great literary heights, even as it stayed close to the ground.

    By Francis-Noël Thomas

    Gangs of Baltimore

    Election season in a city controlled by nativist hoodlums.

    By Martin Ford
  • Departments


    Take My Husband, Please

    Wife finds her husband practices both medicine and burglary.

    Song of the Critic

    From The Willa Cather Archive, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


    The history of the The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is revealed.

    By Anna Gillis

    Impertinent Questions

    Impertinent Questions with Margaret A. Hogan

    Margaret A. Hogan discusses the letters and lives of John and Abigail Adams.

    Executive Function

    New Jersey’s Jane Brailove Rutkoff

    Jane Brailove Rutkoff brings programs to all corners of New Jersey.

    By Mary Jo Patterson