Ten Who Make A Difference

National Humanities Medalists

HUMANITIES, January/February 2009, Volume 30, Number 1

Caretakers. They preserve knowledge and ensure the longevity of our institutions of learning. They are this year’s National Humanities Medalists and they take the duties of caretaking very seriously. The group includes scholars, philanthropists, journalists, a radio personality, a children’s author, a museum, and a foundation that encourages us to tackle the big questions facing humanity. Whether by helping to direct urban policy or engaging young people in American history, each medalist has pursued a noble calling to share his or her talent with the world. They were honored for their efforts by President George W. Bush at the White House in November.

Gabor S. Boritt

Scholar and Civil War historian, recognized for his scholarship on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era. Read profile.

Richard Brookhiser

Biographer and historian who helped reintroduce Americans to the personalities, eccentricities, and noble ideals of our nation’s founders. Read profile.

Harold Holzer

Scholar and Civil War historian, whose many books on Abraham Lincoln have brought new understanding of Lincoln and his era. Read profile.

Myron Magnet

Journalist and author who has combined literary and cultural history with an understanding of contemporary urban life to imagine new ways of relieving poverty and renewing civic institutions. Read profile.

Albert Marrin

Children’s book author who has opened young minds to history and made the lessons of the past come alive with rich detail for a new generation. Read profile.

Milton J. Rosenberg

Radio show host and scholar who combines a scholar’s understanding and a teacher’s openness, making a home in radio for elevated conversation and profound thought. Read profile.

Thomas A. Saunders III and Jordan Horner Saunders

Philanthropists recognized for their leadership and philanthropy on behalf of higher education, the study of art, and greater understanding of American history. Read profile.

Robert H. Smith

Philanthropist who has provided wise stewardship and generous support of our nation’s premiere institutions of historical, artistic, and cultural heritage. Read profile.

John Templeton Foundation

Providing a catalyst of unprecedented work in scientific, religious, and philosophical exploration of the deepest concerns of the humanities and the human race. Read profile.

Norman Rockwell Museum

Dedicated to honoring and studying the life, work, and ideals of Norman Rockewell, while carefully curating the archives and illustrations of this icon of American art. Read profile.