Visiting NEH

Map of the NEH's location at Constitution Center, which is at 400 7th Street
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Map of the NEH's location at Constitution Center, which is at 400 7th Street

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Tips for travel to NEH

METRO NEH is conveniently located in the Constitution Center at 400 7th St. SW  in Washington D.C. atop the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station, which is a stop on the Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green lines. Once in the L’Enfant Plaza station, follow signs for the 7th & D St. exit. Access to the Red line at Gallery Place is two stops away on the Yellow and Green lines, and Metro Center is three stops away on the Blue and Orange lines. A map of the Metro system is available here.

TRAINS Amtrak trains stop at Union Station, which is also a stop for Red line Metrorail trains; follow the Metro directions above to reach NEH. 

The Virginia Railway Express (VRE), a commuter railroad in Virginia with two lines (one to Manassas and one to Fredericksburg) also offers nearby access to NEH.  Constitution Center is located adjacent to the L’Enfant VRE Station at 7th and C Streets, SW.

WALKING Constitution Center takes up an entire city block surrounded by D , 7th, E, and 6th Streets, SW.  It is located two blocks south of the National Mall.  The closest museums are the National Air and Space Museum, and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

AIR TRAVEL Washington DC is served by three airports, Reagan National , DC, (the closest and most convenient of the three), Washington Dulles, and BWI-Thurgood Marshall (Baltimore-Washington ). Reagan is 3.8 miles south from NEH in Virginia; Dulles, also in Virginia, is about 28 miles west from NEH; and BWI-Thurgood Marshall in Anne Arundel County, Maryland is 33 miles north from NEH. 

  • Reagan National: The airport has a Metrorail station, at which both Blue and Yellow line trains stop.  The Yellow line offers the more direct route to downtown Washington and to NEH at L’Enfant Plaza. A map of the Metrorail system is here.
  • Washington Dulles: Dulles is served by the 5A bus, which runs from Dulles and ends at L’Enfant Plaza one block west of the Constitution Center, or the airport can be reached by a Silver Line Express bus that connects with the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station on the Silver line.
  • BWI-Marshall: This airport is served by the a B30 Express Metrobus; information about that bus can be found here.  You can also get to BWI–Marshall by train; the airport is served by Amtrak and the MARC commuter line, both offering service in downtown DC at Union Station

Each airport website provides general information about available ground transportation options.

Visitor Entrances

The main entrance is at 400 7th Street, SW. There is also an entrance from the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail stop. 

ACCESS TO THE NEH OFFICES NEH offices are located on the Constitution Center’s second and fourth floors.  Visitors should enter the building, proceed to the nearest guard’s desk, and the guard will call a member of the NEH staff to  come  and escort you to the correct offices.