Long-Term Research Fellowships at the American Research Institute in Turkey

Division of Research Programs

Archaeological dig site, Catal Huyuk
Photo caption

Archaeological dig site, Catal Huyuk.

Courtesy of Stipich Bela

The American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), a consortium of North American universities and museums, was founded in 1964 to promote advanced research in the humanities and social sciences in Turkey, and to enhance academic exchanges between the U.S. and Turkey. ARIT maintains centers in Istanbul and Ankara to support American researchers and to provide full-time representation in Turkey for American institutions of higher education.

Administered by U.S. directors, each branch provides researchers with an institutional affiliation, a base of operations, orientation assistance, and introductions to host-country scholars. In Istanbul, ARIT maintains a research library in Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern Turkish studies. In Ankara, scholars have access to a library focused on archaeology and modern Turkey. Opportunities for collegial exchanges with Turkish and other scholars occur in the course of the lecture series and educational tours offered at each center. ARIT’s fellowship program supports individual research projects in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. More information may be found here.