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Ohio’s Gale Peterson
Gale Peterson’s plan to teach high school history had one fatal flaw. Not his B.S. in History and Government from Iowa State University.
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Poetry Speaks
From Victorian times to the present, the accent has shifted from elocution to oral interpretation
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Mon Dieu!
Keeping French alive in Louisiana can be accompanied by great wailing
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Historian for Hire
Phil Cantelon of History Associates talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the profession outside the walls of academia.
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Brain Booster
This ingenious handmade apparatus for cranial osteopathy, ca. 1930s, was constructed from pieces of two catchers’ mitts and a belt. 
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Wheel of Cogitation
Oregon Humanities’ Wheel of Cogitation travels about to street fairs with the aim of starting conversations that lead to an exchange of ideas.