Time to Prepare DOT Proposals

July 8, 2024
Patent diagram for F. H. C. Mey's velocipede, November 29, 1870
Photo caption

Patent diagram for F. H. C. Mey's velocipede, November 29, 1870, available in Robert Pittis Scott, Cycling Art, Energy, and Locomotion: A Series of Remarks on the Development of Bicycles, Tricycles, and Man-Motor Carriages (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1889).

Image: Public Domain

The heat is on for the summer, making it a good time to craft your applications for the Dangers & Opportunities of Technology: Perspectives from the Humanities (DOT) before the September 12, 2024, deadline.       

 The Office of Digital Humanities has already funded two rounds of fascinating projects, and we are excited to see what new proposals will arrive this fall.  

Recent awards include projects exploring environmental and cultural impacts of large technology centers on American communities, the history of transportation infrastructure, the history of medical life support technologies, and studies of political activity and online harassment on social media platforms.  

NEH’s DOT program calls for new research that explores the relationship between technology and culture as well as technology’s dramatic impacts on society. “Technology” may be interpreted broadly, and the program encourages research into technologies not only of the modern or digital era but from any time period.   
DOT is also one of many programs participating in NEH’s Humanities Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative, which supports projects seeking to understand and address AI’s ethical, legal, and societal implications.    

A short, recorded presentation is available on DOT’s program resource page detailing the program’s goals, requirements, restrictions, and application process that may be watched at any time.  

We are not able to read drafts, but our staff can answer questions about your project, such as appropriateness for this grant program.   

If you are interested in the program, but don’t think you will be applying this year, please consider volunteering to serve as a peer evaluator. This experience can be very informative as you get a behind-the-scenes look at NEH’s rigorous peer review process, plus you will gain a better understanding of the program’s goals and components of strong applications.  

ODH anticipates offering another deadline in September 2025 that we will announce early next year.    

 Don’t hesitate to contact ODH with questions about the DOT program or to volunteer as a reviewer: @email.