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November/December 2008

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November/December 2008

Church of the Odigitria


Down south in the Russian North.

By William Brumfield

Volume 29, Issue 6

Church of the Odigitria-Mother of God in Kimzha, Russia

© 2000 William Brumfield

  • Features

    Edmund Wilson

    Who Was Edmund Wilson?

    America's greatest reader had overwhelming passions: for beautiful women and exceptional writing.

    By Joseph Bottum
    Cantino Planisphere

    The Cone of Africa . . . Took Shape in Lisbon

    Early Portuguese cartographers traced the coast of the continent with astounding accuracy.

    By Patrcia Seed
    Mark Twain

    Birthday Party Brouhaha

    Mark Twain's infamous toast rocked the sensibilities of Boston's Brahmin establishment.

    By Jerome Loving
    Reflecting Pool garden at Winterthur

    Winterthur Inside Out

    H. F. du Pont's masterpiece of horticulture.

    By Tom Christopher
  • Departments


    A Seat on the Isle, Please

    From Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome by Gregory S. Aldrete, pages 4-5. Copyright © The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.

    Plus Ça Change . . .

    “Promises,” from The Exchange Artist by Jane Kamensky.

    Third Time’s the Charm

    When Charles Willson Peale painted former enslaved African American and Georgetown resident Yarrow Mamout in 1819, he was interested in his storied longevity.

    By Steve Moyer

    Le Baiser

    Felix Nadar’s gelatin silver print on paper of Sarah Bernhardt in Le Baiser is among the holdings of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

    By Steve Moyer

    Nebraska by Way of Hiroshima

    Perched atop an English saddle and sporting leather riding boots in this 1913 pose, Saburo Shindo literally sits astride the cultural diversity that marked his life as a Hiroshima-born Nebraskan resta

    By Amy Lifson


    Unlimited Partnership

    Chairman Bruce Cole talks with Thomas Saunders, Wall Street titan-turned-philanthropist, and his irrepressible wife, Jordan.

    Impertinent Questions

    Impertinent Questions with Brad Gooch

    On the life of Flannery O'Connor.

    Executive Function

    Nevada's Judith Winzeler

    Judith Winzeler speaks up for Chautauqua.

    By Jim Sloan


    Editor's Note, January/February 2008

    Cue the tango music, because this issue of Humanities magazine is all about passion, that often celebrated, but most unruly element of human character.

    By David Skinner