State humanities councils: modeling the behavior we seek to inspire. An On-going Series. 2013-2014

March 19, 2013

"How can we model the behavior we seek to inspire? Do our boards, staff and volunteers reflect the diversity of the communities we serve? How can we be more inclusive?”

In the January 2013 newsletter, Federal/State Partnership announced that each issue of the newsletter through October would address issues raised by the theme of the November 2013 Federation of State Humanities Councils conference in Birmingham, Alabama. The primary source for these surveys is the contextual section of councils' self-assessment report. There are examples provided from all 56 state and jurisdictional humanities councils.

The brief descriptions of the contexts in which councils work that appear in each article below were approved and, in many cases, updated and edited by the council executive.

The series was updated in October 2014 and appears as in this website as a separate article.