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Healing the Warrior's Heart

Healing the Warrior's Heart

Healing the Warrior’s Heart examines the emotional trauma of war, known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), through the...

"Our Banner in the Sky" (ca. 1861 attributed to Frederic Church)

A Fire Never Extinguished: How the Civil War Continues to Shape Civic and Cultural Life in America

Every week since October 15, 2010, the Vermont Humanities Council has emailed subscribers The Civil War Book of Days, an account of events in the Civil War 150 years ago that week. All issues are collected online.

State humanities council programs for and about immigrants

State Humanities Council Approaches to Serving Immigrants and to Telling Their State’s Migration Stories

The material collected in the attached PDF is a sampling of the work state humanities councils do for their states’ immigrant and diverse communities and the ways they approach migration and immigration history and culture.

Journalist Roxana Saberi at Game Changer

Between Two Worlds: America and the Middle East: the Game Changer series in North Dakota

Journalist Roxana Saberi hosted the state’s first Game Changer Series event on October 9, 2104, in Fargo, ND. Established by the North Dakota Humanities Council, the Game Changer Series is an annual event that focuses on a major event or idea that is significantly changing the face of our world and invites people close to the action to share their stories.

United States and jurisdictions

State Humanities Councils and the Contexts in Which They Work

Inspired by the theme of the 2013 Federation conference, Federal/State Partnership undertook a study of the contexts in which councils work.

Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Volume 2.

Veterans' Experience

NEH grants from across the agency support projects examining American veterans' experience of war and homecoming

"Segregation in Schools is Outlawed," The Russell Daily News, May 17, 1954

StoryCorps comes to Topeka, Kansas

The Kansas Humanities Council helps bring StoryCorps to Topeka in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. 

John Henry exhibit title panel, West Virginia Humanities Council

West Virginia Humanities Council taps local students to design traveling exhibits

West Virginia University design students help the WVHC design and construct traveling exhibits, benefitting audiences throughout the state.

Posted: April 12, 2014

General Liability Insurance for State Humanities Councils

Federal/State Partnership provides each of the 56 state humanities councils three basic insurance policies as protection of the National Endowment for the Humanities' investment in the councils.

Posted: January 28, 2014

State Council Assessment and Review: A 5-Year Cycle Explained

Every five years, each state humanities council writes a forward-looking self-assessment report that considers the context in which the Council works, the humanities benefits and services it provides, and the Council's management and organizational effectiveness.

Posted: September 19, 2013

State Council Annual Compliance Reports

Each council submits an annual report on indicating its compliance with the legislated responsibilities of state humanities councils.

Posted: September 19, 2013

Notes from the 2013 Compliance Report

An overview of the report given to the Federal/State Partnership's National Council committee in July 2013.

Posted: January 28, 2013

Office of Grant Management's Guide to General Operating Support Grants for State Councils

General Operating Support grants are the primary way the Office of Federal/State Partnership provides funding to the 56 state and jurisdictional humanities councils.

Posted: January 27, 2013

Managing a State Humanities Council General Operating Support Grant

Budget allocation and general operating support grants: Federal/State Partnership's budget is a line item in the NEH federal allocation.

Posted: January 24, 2013

Notes from the 2012 Compliance Report

This is an overview of the report given to the Federal/State Partnership's National Council committee in July 2012.

Posted: October 27, 2014

Tour the quilt barns of Ohio

The Ohio Humanities Council has received a grant from the Ohio Arts Council to produce audio driving tours of Ohio's Quilt Barns. Quilt Barn Trails can be found in 33 Ohio counties, but the first audio tour will begin where quilt barns began—in Adams County.

Posted: October 24, 2014

Chairman Adams with the Kansas Humanities Council

This just in!

The ultimate #humanitiesselfie at @ikelibrary with NEH Chairman Adams, KHC board, staff, and partners. #humanities #neh #welikeike.

Posted: October 23, 2014

Instagram: Images of Self and Society

The Illinois Humanities Council asks: How does Instagram shape the way we think about identity and image in culture today? What does the explosion of smartphone photography mean for photojournalism and photographic art? How might the platform suggest new forms of public engagement for artists, journalists and citizens? How do you engage with Instagram?

Posted: October 23, 2014

"Why Darwin Matters"

The Maine Humanities Council to take a deep and varied look at the life and work of Charles Darwin, one of the most influential thinkers in human history at the first annual Dorothy Schwartz Forum on Art, Science & the Humanities.

Posted: October 23, 2014

Jefferson's Moose: The New Hampshire Humanities Council shares the ale and the story

As part of its celebration of its 40th anniversary, the New Hampshire Humanities Council, in partnership with the Woodstock Inn Station and Brewery, has created Jefferson Moose Brown Ale.

Posted: October 22, 2014

California Reads: WHAT IT IS LIKE TO GO TO WAR

As part of Cal Humanities' War Comes Home: California Reads program, Karl Marlantes, New York Times bestselling author and Vietnam veteran, will begin a book tour for his compelling narrative What It Is Like To Go To War. The tour started in Northern California in October 2014 and wraps up in Southern California in November 2014. The full scheduled is available on the Cal Humanities website.

Posted: October 22, 2014

The Great CT Caper

The Great Connecticut Caper is heating up! Gillette Castle has vanished and now it’s up to a couple of kids to piece together the clues and solve the mystery of its disappearance. Chapter One premieres on January 4, 2015.