NEH Announces Ten New Fellowships Open Book Awards

March 10, 2021
Poor Man's Fortune

The NEH Office of Digital Humanities and the Division of Research Programs are pleased to announce ten awards through the third round of the Fellowships Open Book Program, a special initiative for scholarly presses to make recent monographs freely available online.

The books that will be made available through this award range from studies of the psychological impact of the Civil War to Jewish identity in Argentina and health care for children, and were all written with previous support from one of several NEH fellowship programs.

This announcement marks the completion of the first year of this new program, which has awarded 29 fellowships to put humanities monographs online. All awardees receive $5,500 per book to support digitization, marketing, and a stipend for the author.

During a time when so many of us are doing research remotely, the value of digital editions like these that can be freely accessed from anywhere in the world is more apparent than ever. View a list of current and forthcoming eBooks supported by this program here.

The third round of the Fellowships Open Book Program had a 100% success rate. The deadlines for 2021 will be: March 15, July 15, and November 15. To learn more or to apply, see the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

Round Three Awardees

University of Florida Press

Quito J. Swan, Pauulu's Diaspora: Black Internationalism and Environmental Justice (2020). [Original research funded by award FA-57763-14]

University of Michigan Press

Amy Hughes and Naomi Stubbs, A Player and a Gentleman: The Diary of Harry Watkins, Nineteenth - Century U.S. American Actor (2018). [Original research funded by award HB-231942-16]

University of North Carolina Press

Kathleen Cummings, A Saint of Our Own: How the Quest for a Holy Hero Helped Catholics Become American (Spring 2019). [Original research funded by FA-55091-10]

Diane Miller Sommerville, Aberration of Mind: Suicide and Suffering in the Civil War–Era South (Fall 2018). [Original research funded by FB-55859-11]

Jarod Roll, Poor Man's Fortune: White Working-Class Conservatism in American Metal Mining, 1850–1950 (Spring 2020). [Original research funded by FA-251814-17]

State University of New York Press

Deanna P. Koretsky, Death Rights: Romantic Suicide, Race, and the Bounds of Liberalism (Forthcoming). [Original research funded by award HB-262280]

Amy K. Kaminsky, The Other/Argentina: Jews, Gender, and Sexuality in the Making of a Modern Nation (Forthcoming). [Original research funded by award FA-58217-15]

Rutgers University Press

Cynthia Connolly, Children and Drug Safety: Balancing Risk and Protection in Twentieth-Century America (Spring 2018). [Original research funded by award FA-231944-16]

Anna I. Corwin, Embracing Age: How Catholic Nuns Became Models of Aging Well (Forthcoming). [Original research funded by award HB-262298-19]

University of California Press

Anthony Cerulli, The Practice of Texts: Education and Healing in South India (Forthcoming). [Original research funded by award FB-56351-12]