Announcing New ODH Awards (January 2023)

January 11, 2023
A screenshot of an interface for designing a 3D model of a Viking longship, overlayed with text: ODH Awards, January 2023

The Office of Digital Humanities is pleased to announce fourteen awards through our Digital Humanities Advancement Grants program.

These projects are part of a larger slate of 204 awards announced by NEH.

In addition, fourteen humanities monographs will be made freely available online through the November, 2022 round of the Fellowships Open Book Program, a collaboration with the Division of Research Programs.

Congratulations to all the award recipients as they begin these exciting new projects!

Digital Humanities Advancement Grants

This program is funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Projects supported through this partnership are indicated by an asterisk (*) in the list below. Learn more about the DHAG program.

Level One Awards

In 2022, Level One awards offered up to $50,000 to support small research projects or early stages of larger projects. For 2023, Level One awards have been increased to $75,000.

Fordham University

Outright: $49,926

Project Director(s): Matthew Hockenberry, Colette Perold (University of Colorado)

Project Title: Manifest: Digital Humanities Platform for the Critical Study of Logistics

Project Description: Research and testing of the Manifest platform designed to support humanities research of supply chains and commodities.

Grinnell College

Outright: $46,136

Project Director(s): David Neville, Austin Mason, Timothy Arner

Project Title: The Virtual Viking Longship Project: A Study in the Future of Liberal Arts Teaching and Research

Project Description: The development of a virtual reality model of a Viking Age longship with a team of undergraduate researchers. The project team will document the workflow and learning outcomes to share with other undergraduate institutions.

Mangalam Centers

Outright: $50,000

Project Director(s): Ligeia Lugli, Regiani Santos-Zacarias (Universidade Estadual Paulista)

Project Title: Democratizing digital lexicography

Project Description: A series of virtual planning meetings for the development of a prototype platform for builders of digital lexical resources and dictionaries for under resourced languages.

University of the Virgin Islands

Outright: $50,000

Project Director(s): Thalassa Tonks, Molly Perry

Project Title: Community Conversations: A Digitized Cultural Preservation Project in the United States Virgin Islands

Project Description: The planning and development of a digital archive of oral histories of community members, built by faculty and students at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Level Two Awards

Level Two awards offer up to $150,000 to support projects that have completed an initial planning phase and are poised to scale up.

California State University, Channel Islands

Outright: $146,605

Project Director(s): Erik Kaltman and Joseph Osborn (Pomona College)

Project Title: The Game and Interactive Software Scholarship Toolkit

Project Description: The creation of an open-source platform and tools to facilitate retrieving, using, and studying historical software.

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Outright: $149,612

Project Director(s): Jessica DeSpain

Project Title: Recovery Hub for American Women Writers

Project Description: The continued development and implementation of a digital recovery hub focused on surfacing the work of American women writers and promoting scholarship on their literary contributions.

Temple University

Outright: $149,680

Project Director(s): Edward Latham, Solomon Guhl-Miller

Project Title: Ars Antiqua Online: A Digital Edition of Thirteenth-Century Polyphony

Project Description: The creation of a resource to transcribe early polyphonic music into standard notation and develop a corpus to allow scholars and students to search, compare, and analyze early music.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Outright: $149,998

Project Director(s): Dard Neuman

Project Title: A Platform for Digitally Transcribing and Archiving Hindustani Music

Project Description: Further work on a platform that enables users to transcribe, archive, and study non-Western music.

University of Missouri, Kansas City

Outright: $149,855

Project Director(s): David Trowbridge, Diane Matti Burke

Project Title: Immersive Digital History Trails: A New Platform for Place-Based Interpretation with Working Prototypes for the History of Jazz, Baseball, and BBQ in Kansas City

Project Description: Development of a location-based notification system that will be tested through the creation of three new heritage tours in Kansas City, and then deployed for the 1400+ local history trails within the Clio website.

Level Three Awards

Level Three awards offer up to $350,000 in outright funds, and an additional $50,000 in matching funds. They support the expansion of mature projects with an established user base and strong dissemination plans.

Cornell University

Outright: $349,987

Project Director(s): Matthew Wilkens, David Mimno, and Melanie Walsh (University of Washington)

Project Title: BERT for Humanists

Project Description: The development of case studies about and professional development workshops on the use of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) for humanities scholars and students interested in large-scale text analysis.

CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Outright: $349,887

Project Director(s): Lisa Rhody, Stephen Zweibel

Project Title: DHRIFT: Digital Humanities Resource Infrastructure for Teaching Technology

Project Description: The continued development of the Digital Humanities Resource Infrastructure for Teaching Technology (DHRIFT) platform to provide technical training in digital humanities methodologies with a particular focus on faculty and staff for historically under-resourced institutions.

Harvard University

Outright: $349,143

Project Director(s): Jinah Kim

Project Title: Mapping Color in History

Project Description: The continued development of the Mapping Color in History (MCH) portal that allows scholars to analyze and compare pigment data from historical paintings.

University of Virginia

Outright: $303,104

Project Director(s): Christine Ruotolo, John O’Brien, Tonya Howe (Marymount University)

Project Title: Literature in Context: An Open Anthology of Literature, 1400-1925

Project Description: The continuing development of the open educational resource, Literature in Context, an open-access, curated, and classroom-sourced digital anthology of British and American literature in English in partnership with scholars and students from Marymount University.

University of Pittsburgh

Outright: $349,797

Project Director(s): Ruth Mostern

Project Title: World Historical Gazetteer: Toward a Digital Epistemology of Place

Project Description: Expansion, development, and outreach of the World Historical Gazetteer, a comprehensive digital resource linking significant global place names over time used for researching and teaching world history.

Fellowships Open Book Program

Southern Illinois University Press

Book Title: Utopian Genderscapes
Book Author: Michelle Smith, Associate Professor, Department of English, Clemson University

University of Michigan Press

Book Title: Racing the Great White Way: Black Performance, Eugene ONeill, and the Transformation of Broadway
Book Author: Katie N. Johnson, Professor of English, Miami University

Book Title: Black Power of Hip-Hop Dance: On Kinethic Politics
Book Author: Naomi Macalalad Bragin, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Bothell

Cornell University Press

Book Title: Stalin's Quest for Gold: The Torgsin Hard-Currency Shops and Soviet Industrialization
Book Author: Elena Osokina, Professor of History, University of South Carolina.

Book Title: Morbid Undercurrents: Medical Subcultures in Postrevolutionary France
Book Author: Sean M. Quinlan, Dean for the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences and Professor of History, University of Idaho.

Book Title: Heaven's Wrath: The Protestant Reformation and the Dutch West India Company in the Atlantic World
Book Author: D. L. Noorlander, Assistant Professor of History, State University of New York at Oneonta

Book Title: Tamizdat: Contraband Russian Literature in the Cold War Era
Book Author: Yasha Klots, Assistant Professor of Russian, Hunter College, CUNY

Book Title: Among Women across Worlds: North Korea in the Global Cold War
Book Author: Suzy Kim, Associate Professor of Korean History, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Book Title: Snapshots of the Soul: Photo-Poetic Encounters in Modern Russian Culture
Book Author: Molly Thomasy Blasing, Associate Professor of Russian Studies, the University of Kentucky.

University of Illinois Press

Book Title: Aaron Copland in Latin America: Music and Cultural Politics
Book Author: Carol A. Hess, Professor of Musicology, University of California, Davis

University of Minnesota Press

Book Title: Good Pictures Are a Strong Weapon
Book Author: Louise Siddons, Professor of Visual Politics, University of Southampton

University of Rochester Press

Book Title: Coming to Terms with Our Musical Past
Book Author: Edmund J. Goehring, Professor of Music History, University of Western Ontario.

Book Title: George Rochberg, American Composer: Personal Trauma and Artistic Creativity
Book Author: Amy Lynn Wlodarski, Professor of Music, Dickinson College

Pennsylvania State University Press

Book Title: Sorcery or Science? Contesting Knowledge and Practice in West African Sufi Texts
Book Author: Ariela Marcus-Sells, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University