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The Freedom of Information Act: Agency Contacts

In response to the President’s Executive Order 13,392 of December 14, 2005, “Improving Agency Disclosure of Information,” NEH designated Adam Wolfson, Assistant Chairman for Programs, as its Acting Chief FOIA Officer. The Chief FOIA Officer is the senior official responsible for overseeing NEH’s FOIA program. NEH’s Acting Chief FOIA Officer may be reached by phone at (202) 606-8310 or by e-mail at awolfson[at]neh[dot]gov

In furtherance of Executive Order 13,392, NEH created a FOIA Requester Service Center and designated a FOIA Public Liaison. The FOIA Requester Service Center is the initial point of contact for requesters who are seeking information about the status of a FOIA request and appropriate information about the agency’s FOIA response. The FOIA Public Liaison serves as the official to whom a FOIA requester can raise concerns about the service received from the FOIA Requester Service Center. The contact information for the FOIA Requester Service Center and FOIA Public Liaison are as follows:

FOIA Requester Service Center

Principal FOIA Contact
Caitlin Cater
(202) 606-8322

FOIA Public Liaison Officer
Lisette Voyatzis
(202) 606-8322