State Humanities Councils and Veterans

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An Endowment-wide initiative to promote understanding of the military experience and to support returning veterans.

NEH seeks grant proposals that explore war and its aftermath, promote discussion of the experience of
military service, and support returning veterans and their families.


Alaska Humanities Forum – Duty Bound

Duty Bound is not just a stand-alone program, it is a thematic initiative woven into the Forum’s programs, projects, publications and grant awards.

Alabama Humanities Foundation – Literature & Healthcare

Since 2012, AHF has partnered with Veterans Administration centers to offer humanities-based reading and discussion programs that affect the health care workers of Veteran patients.

Arizona Humanities – Veterans Programs

Arizona hosts a wide-range of programs for veterans; book discussions, writing workshops, film discussions, photography projects and more.

California Humanities – War Comes Home

War Comes Home, a thematic initiative, aims to raise awareness of and promote greater understanding of our veterans and explore the impact of war on our communities. Through hundreds of events throughout California, we are working to bring communities together with veterans and their families, writers, and historians for thoughtful reflection and lively discussion in the aftermath of more than 12 years of war.

Colorado Humanities – Denver Veterans Writing Workshop

The DVWW aims to create more writers. And not just writers who craft stories, but writers who can construct a curriculum and instruct, who read in public and work on larger projects. The goal of the DVWW is to help people create a skill set that is applicable beyond the classroom. We intend to find new ways to interpret and process oneself and the world through writing, reading, and community.

Florida Humanities Council – The Telling Project & the Talking Service Project

The national Telling Project in partnership with Florida Humanities is conducting performances in throughout Florida. Using scripts based on their own words, the veterans share their stories and draw standing ovations—and lots of questions and conversation—from community audiences.

In Talking Service, small groups under the guidance of skilled facilitators get together to reflect on short, powerful writings about military service by some of the world’s greatest authors.

Guam Humanities Council – Guam Women Warriors

Women Warriors focuses on women currently serving in the military and those who have returned to civilian life. By sharing their stories, perspectives and realities, and through hearing their voices, the goal of the project is to deepen the community’s understanding of women’s military and wartime experiences, as well as what it is like to come home.

Maine Humanities Council – Veterans Book Group

A facilitated small-group reading and discussion program directly to and only for Veterans, building on Literature & Medicine’s successful track record within the Veteran’s Administration system

Missouri Humanities Council – Veterans Writing Workshop

                                                              Proud to Be: Writing By American Warriors


Through the Veterans Writing Workshops and the Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors anthology series, MHC is partnering with many great organizations to provide veterans with the guidance and encouragement to tell their stories and provide an outlet for self-expression as they build and enhance their support systems, reconnect with their families, and reintegrate into the workplace.

Humanities Montana – The Veteran’s Experience and Military Culture

Elizabeth Barrs, an army combat veteran and instructor of Veterans Studies, explores the real experiences of the American veteran in combat and in peacetime. She discusses military life as well as the historical and current military culture that helps to shape how veterans relate to society. 

Humanities Nebraska – Nebraska Warrior Writers

A partnership between the Nebraska Writing Project and the Veterans Administration, this program serves veterans and active duty military personnel. Texts are read and discussed by the group to help participants identify how good writing is built and to allow writing practice with immediate feedback.

New Hampshire Humanities - From Troy to Baghdad

A weekly reading and discussion group for veterans and service members.

New Jersey Humanities Council – Literature & Medicine

Literature & Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Health Care® is a national award-winning reading and discussion program for health care professionals that, as one participant writes, “renews the heart and soul of health care.”

New Mexico Humanities Council – Talking Service

In Talking Service, small groups of veterans and family members of veterans, under the guidance of skilled facilitators, get together to reflect on short, powerful writings about military service by some of the world's greatest authors. Participants are encouraged to share their insights, build on each other's comments, and challenge their assumptions through lively, informal conversations centered on the anthology Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian, published by the Great Books Foundation.

North Carolina Humanities Council – Literature & Medicine

          Veterans Reading Groups


Literature & Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Health Care is a national award-winning reading and discussion program for health care professionals that, as one participant writes, “renews the heart and soul of health care.”

North Dakota Humanities Council –Project Unpack: Telling Stories, Creating Community

Project Unpack was a one-year initiative that included book discussions, artistic outlets, and the recording and archiving of personal stories. Such programs allow the community to better understand what war veterans face upon their return home and the challenges that families face upon their veteran’s return home.




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