World War I in the Middle East




Kansas City, MO


July 10-22, 2022


2 weeks


Professional Development Program

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"World War I in the Middle East" is a two-week residential institute for K-12 educators. This interdisciplinary program will go beyond Western-centered emphasis on diplomacy and troop movements and focus instead on the enduring impact of WWI in the region, including the effect on Ottoman soldiers, Middle Eastern home fronts, women's issues, and the development of nationalist narratives in Arab lands, in Turkey, and among Ottoman minority groups. In addition to discussion with scholars, Institute time will be provided for collaboration with colleagues, discussion on pedagogy and teaching best practices, and research with the Museum and Memorial collections.

Project Director(s)

Lora Vogt; Cherie Kelly

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Yigit Akin; Mustafa Aksakal; Marie Grace Brown; Doran Cart; Jonathan Casey; Kate Dannies; Tracy Dennis; Bedross Der Matossian; Benjamin Fortna; Emma Harver; Stacie Petersen; Graham Pitts; Christopher Rose; Brian L. Steed; James Tallon; Yucel Yanikdag

Grantee Institution

Liberty Memorial Association

Funded through the Division of Education Programs