Word Vectors for the Thoughtful Humanist: Institutes on Critical Teaching and Research with Vector Space Models


Northeastern University, Boston, MA



July 17 - 19, 2019



The Women Writers Project (WWP) at Northeastern University will hold a series of advanced seminars on using word embedding models in teaching and research. This program will run four institutes in 2019–2021. Applications are now being accepted for the first of the four institutes (to be held in July 2019), which is an introductory institute focused on research uses of word vectors, using the WWP’s web-based Women Writers Vector Toolkit.

The introductory events will use simple, open-access web tools hosted in the Women Writers Online Lab, while the intensive events will focus on using RStudio and command-line tools. All four institutes will consider how to make and assess arguments about and with text analysis data, and discuss how to assess the validity of methods, data preparation, and tool configuration. After each event, participants will receive support and guidance in implementing these techniques in their home research and teaching environments.

Funding information: Details about this Grant

Project Director(s)

Julia Hammond Flanders, Sarah Connell

Funded through the Office of Digital Humanities