Women in Buddhism: Religion, Politics, and the Arts




Honolulu, HI


June 5-30, 2023 (residential); October 20-21, 2023 (virtual); February 10-11, 2024 (virtual)


4 weeks


Professional Development Program

Professional Development Program Type

Professional Development Program Audience


808-944-7757 (program content); 808-944-7337 (application procedures)

Women in Buddhism: Religion, Politics, and the Arts centers on a 4-week institute for college and university teachers hosted on the East-West Center's Honolulu campus, followed by two online workshops, the development of a participant-generated video resource repository, two conference panels, and an edited book. This program will explore the evolving relational agencies of women from the origins of Buddhism into the modern era through deep, context-rich engagement with key traditions, practices, and primary texts. It is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate educators addressing issues of diversity at intersections among religion, gender, power, globalization, and cultural pluralism.

Project Director(s)

Peter Hershock; Wendi Adamek

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Pascale Engelmajer; Paul Lavy; Kate Lingley; John Szostak; Beata Grant; Keller Kimbrough; Reiko Ohnuma; Stephanie Balkwill; Jessica Starling; Lisa Battaglia; Sarah Jacoby; Jin Y. Park

Grantee Institution

East-West Center

Funded through the Division of Education Programs