Wilmington 1898: Geographies of Rage, Resistance, and Resilience




Wilmington, NC


July 8-19, 2024


2 weeks


Professional Development Program

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This 2-week residential workshop for middle and high school teachers will focus on the 1898 Wilmington coup and massacre, the only successful coup d’etat in our nations’ history. In the largest city in North Carolina at that time, White supremacists rigged an election, overthrew the biracial city government, forced individuals out of their homes and businesses, and killed untold numbers. This event demonstrates the complexities and fragility of democracy as well as the agency and resilience of the Black community. Teachers will meet with scholars, authors, and filmmakers as they visit a variety of locations related to the event.

Project Director(s)

Cara Ward; Tiffany Gilbert; Lynn Mollenaeur

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

David Zucchino; Hasan Jeffries; LeRae Umfleet; David Cecelski; Meg Mulrooney; Chris Everett; Cash Michaels; Barbara Wright; John Jeremiah Sullivan; Joel Finsel; Tara White; Donyell Roseboro; Felix Brooks; Leslie Randall-Morton; Elaine Brown; Gwendolyn Alexis; Jan Davidson; Kieran Haile; Lisa Buchanan; Christie Norris; Kim Cook; Julius Jones; Bertha Todd

Grantee Institution

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Funded through the Division of Education Programs