Transcendentalism and Social Reform: Activism and Community Engagement in the Age of Thoreau




Concord, MA


June 26-July 9, 2022


2 weeks


Professional Development Program

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"Transcendentalism and Social Reform: Activism and Community Engagement in the Age of Thoreau" will offer a two-week Institute for 25 higher education faculty on site in Concord, Massachusetts. This program is grounded in student-centered pedagogy and engaged scholarship, highlighting the broad scope of the Transcendentalists’ reform activism and offering concrete ways of making their writings relevant to today’s students without compromising their idealism or complexity. The Institute will appeal to faculty from several academic disciplines, including history, literature, and philosophy; psychology and sociology; and interdisciplinary fields such as American studies, creative rriting, women’s studies, and the environmental humanities.

Project Director(s)

Sandra Petrulionis

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Joyce Rain Anderson; Joshua Bellin; Phyllis Cole; Linda Coombs; James Finley; Bob Gross; Rochelle Johnson; John Kucich; Megan Marshall; Barbara McCaskill; Joel Myerson; Lance Newman; Melissa Pennell; Daniel Shealy

Grantee Institution

The Thoreau Society

Funded through the Division of Education Programs