Toward a People's History of Landscape: Black and Indigenous Histories of the Nation's Capital




Richmond, VA and Online


June 12-14, 2024 (virtual); June 16-28, 2024 (residential); and July 1-8, 2024 (virtual follow-up)


3 weeks


Professional Development Program

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Land as the material world’s ground is “infused with sensations and distinct ways of knowing” (McKittrick, ix). The history of imagining, designing, and making places is equally infused, layered, and messy. This Institute’s participants will interrogate narratives of place histories beginning with the nation’s founding and the cultural landscape of one of its earliest colonies, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and its capital Richmond, as an alternative model for teaching history. Institute participants will explore how we engage the lived experience of Black and Indigenous peoples and communities who imagine, construct, make, use, recall, and memorialize places in our teaching and scholarship.

Project Director(s)

Thaisa Way; Andrea Roberts; Meghan Gough; Kathryn Howell

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Maia Butler; Benjamin Campbell; Kim Chen; Ana Edwards; LaToya Gray-Sparks; Chioke I'Anson; Tiffany King; Brian Palmer; Tim Roberts; LaDale Winling; Jordy Yager; Peighton Young

Grantee Institution

Virginia Commonwealth University

Funded through the Division of Education Programs