Timeless Parallels: Classical Literature and Veteran Experiences




Pottstown, PA and Online


July 5-26, 2022


3 weeks


Professional Development Program

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Our program will focus on the continuity of veteran experiences including homecoming, the treatment of veterans, trauma, and the role of society in sharing these burdens. Our primary goal is to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of these issues through studying a group of core ancient texts commonly taught in high school English and Latin classes. Teaching ancient texts provides a degree of distance to poignant issues that will arise in our institute and highlight the similarities that are shared and common to veterans of all times.

Project Director(s)

Julie Montione

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Bassem Chaaban; Bryan Doerries; Salaam Dreher; Joe Goodkin; Jason Harris; Erika Houvouras; Rachel Hunter; Elizabeth Jackson; Patrick Lake; Stephen Lima; Sarah Lockard; Peter Meineck; John Minbiole; Patrick Owens; Daniel Perkins; Ed Turner

Grantee Institution

Valencia College

Funded through the Division of Education Programs