Summer Institute in Moral Psychology




Ithaca, NY


June 24-July 19, 2024


4 weeks


Professional Development Program

Professional Development Program Type

Professional Development Program Audience




The Institute will be four-weeks-long and comprised of 3.5-hour seminar-style sessions, four mornings a week. There will be 14 visiting faculty presenters, including many of the most distinguished figures in moral psychology, as well as presentations from the co-directors. Faculty will preside over one session, leading discussion of their research. Additionally, a portion of each session will be devoted to pedagogy, and the integration of moral psychology research into classroom teaching. Each week, the 5th morning session will be participant-directed, providing participants opportunity to present and discuss their own work. In addition to the morning sessions, participants will be offered four afternoon workshops on method, covering (1) experimental design, (2) statistical analysis, (3) research ethics, (4) philosophical method. The co-directors will also hold regular office hours and organize social events to provide occasion for the informal exchange of ideas.

Project Director(s)

John Doris; Shaun Nichols; Laura Niemi

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Valerie Tiberius; Chandra Sripada; Dave Shoemaker; David Pizarro; Jennifer Morton; Edouard Machery; Tania Lombrozo; Daniel Kelly; and more.

Grantee Institution

Cornell University

Funded through the Division of Education Programs