"Stony the Road We Trod . . ." Exploring Alabama's Civil Rights Legacy


Birmingham, AL



July 7, 2019 - July 27, 2019 (3 weeks)


Summer Program

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205-558-3980 or 205-919-1761

The “Stony...” Institute connects the Modern Civil Rights Movement to key events in U.S. history and examines how the nation was forced to wrestle with how it dealt with issues of race and citizenship in a “Jim Crow” society. “Stony...” starts and ends in Birmingham, “Ground Zero” of the Modern Civil Rights Movement. With support of renowned scholars, presentations by “Foot Soldiers” of the movement, and travel to key sites of memory, teachers will undertake an epic journey across Alabama designed to help them reconcile what they thought they knew about this era of history with knowledge, facts, and the truth. 

Project Director(s)

Martha V. Bouyer

Visiting Faculty

Glenn Eskew; Robert Corley; Dan Carter; Hassan Jeffries; Tondra Loder-Jackson; Janice Kelsey; Carolyn McKinstry; Tara White

Grantee Institution

Alabama Humanities Foundation

Funded through the Division of Education Programs