SAROI: Spatial Archaeology Residential and Online Studies 


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR



June 5-18, 2022



The Spatial Archaeology Residential and Online Institute, hosted at the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of Arkansas, addresses an increasing need for advanced training in spatial methodologies in archaeology and heritage management.  

Spatial analysis of human behavior involves data on a “very large-scale,” as there are many aspects involved in understanding how humans perceive space, occupy it, and alter it. Obtaining this “very large-scale” data involves the high-density measurement and analysis of objects, structures, sites, and landscapes. Recent developments that allow for higher density and more precision are helping us address complex questions about human nature that heretofore were not possible.  

SAROI seeks to support 16 junior scholars in an online and in-person training and mentorship program over the course of three years, with the intent of building long-term collaborative relationships among Fellows and between Fellows and SAROI staff. 

Funding Information: Details about the Grant 

Project Director(s)

Klehm, Carla; Limp, W. Fred; and Cothren, Jackson