The Salem Witch Trials: Their World & Legacy




Beverly, MA and Online


July 10-14, 2023 (virtual); July 17-28 (residential)


3 weeks


Professional Development Program

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Since 1692, the Salem witch trials have been dramatized, mythologized, and re-imagined in popular memory. Moreover, the specter of Salem has been invoked in times of national anxiety, making it a synonym for unfounded mass hysteria. Participants in this three-week hybrid institute will engage in an in-depth study of the origin, development, and legacy of the Salem witch trials. In addition to guided discussions of key texts and hearing from leading scholars in the field, participants will visit historic sites and memorials related to the trials. Participants will also have the rare opportunity to work with original trial transcripts and other primary sources.

Project Director(s)

Mark Herlihy; Elizabeth Matelski

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Charlotte Gordon; Luke Reynolds; Emerson Baker; Benjamin Ray; Margo Burns; Elizabeth Reis; Ellie Gettinger; Richard Godbeer; Jennifer Hornsby; Fara Wolfson

Grantee Institution

Endicott College

Funded through the Division of Education Programs