Revisiting Religion and Place in Light of Environmental, Legal and Indigenous Studies




Charlottesville, VA


June 5-23, 2023


3 weeks


Professional Development Program

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Given recent advances on the study of place in the environmental humanities, social sciences, legal studies, and indigenous studies, the time is ripe for rethinking place as a fundamental feature of the study of religion. Our Institute will focus on those emerging disciplines that have productively and effectively highlighted the deep interconnections between conceptions of place, the sacred, and the secular at multiple levels. Taking seriously the fact that our Institute is focused on the intersections of religion and notions of place, significant field-based engagement will complement close reading and discussion of important contemporary scholarship.

Project Director(s)

Martien Halvorson-Taylor; Kurtis Schaeffer

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Dorothe Bach; Evan Berry; Rachel Havrelock; Rosalyn LaPier; Michael McNally; Jalane Schmidt; Matthew Burtner; Cassandra Fraser; Willis Jenkins; Karen McGlathery

Grantee Institution

University of Virginia

Funded through the Division of Education Programs