Reclaiming the Narrative: Learning the Truth About Indian Boarding Schools in Arizona




Phoenix, AZ


June 23-28, 2024; July 7-12, 2024


1 week


Professional Development Program

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Reclaiming the Narrative: Learning the Truth about Indian Boarding Schools in Arizona is a weeklong professional learning workshop based at the historic Phoenix Indian School Visitor Center (PISVC). The workshop will take participants on a five day journey from the history of boarding schools into the present day with a focus on Indigenous survivance and sovereignty. Educators will hear from renowned scholars, community experts, and local tribal nations, discuss the historical and contemporary legacies of Indian boarding schools in Arizona and the larger United States, and explore culturally responsive and place-based approaches to teaching and learning about this topic.

Project Director(s)

Helen Thomas; Linda Burrows

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Lomawaima; Angelina Castagno; Isaac Salcido; Lucia Leigh Laughlin; Alexander Soto; Vina Begay; Casie Wise

Grantee Institution

Native American Connections

Funded through the Division of Education Programs