In Our Own Words: Early Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Americans in the Pacific Northwest




Seattle, WA


June 25-July1, 2023; July 16-July 22, 2023


1 week


Professional Development Program

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The Wing’s week-long institutes are structured around the themes of Immigration and Exclusion (mid-1880s-1924), Struggles and Contributions of Laborers (1870-present), and Representation and Memorialization (1898-present). We will focus on the hidden histories of the Asian Pacific American pioneers, from the earliest Native Hawaiians who navigated the Pacific Coast and worked for the Hudson Bay Trading Company to the Chinese, South Asians, Filipino, Korean, and Japanese immigrant laborers. All of whom were integral to the pre-World War II development of this region and beyond. The program will center on lecture, workshops and field visits to heritage sites.

Project Director(s)

Charlene Mano-Shen, Rahul Gupta

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Dorothy Fujita-Rony; Madeline Y. Hsu, Moon-Ho Jung, Julie Kang, Ken Mochizuki Jasmit Singh, Chevi Chung, Amy Bhatt, Bettie Luke, Sharon Suh

Grantee Institution

Wing Luke Museum

Funded through the Division of Education Programs