Open Education Publishing Institute: Collaborative Knowledge and Social Justice


CUNY Graduate Center, New York City



June 2024-May 2025



This summer institute will support DH scholars’ design of Open Educational Resources (OER), publications and classroom assignments that build out from the community-based concerns of their students and that consciously foreground diverse perspectives. 

The OEPI will extend the vibrant area of digital publishing to students and faculty alike, helping students gain transferable digital skills such as writing for public audiences and incorporating multimodal digital elements even as their work diversifies the OER canon. Crucially, the institute will support faculty with engaging their students as co-authors and co-creators of the DH and OER projects, fashioning publications that draw on and produce knowledge with and for their students. This approach to DH and OER creation works towards our goals of disrupting the canon by producing reusable materials that reflect the voices of a diverse student population.

We encourage applications from adjunct, part-time, and full-time professors and staff from a range of disciplines and institution-types. We especially seek applicants from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Native-Serving Institutions, and community colleges.

Funding Information: Details about the Grant 

Project Director(s)

Matthew K. Gold, Krystyna Michael