NetWorkLab: Remote Collaboration Methods and Best Practices for Digital Humanities Scholarship





October 2023-October 2024



Greenhouse Studios at the University of Connecticut ( requests $249,566 over two and a half years to improve the remote collaboration and facilitation skills of digital humanities project managers. COVID-19 has brought the challenges of working in online environments into high relief, but the need among digital humanists for better ways of working together online predates the pandemic. The fully-online institute proposed here will both model and teach proven methods and best practices for supporting more productive virtual teams, including how to: build a cohesive and inclusive team of remote colleagues; facilitate more equitable participation in the online environment; design more productive online experiences; match remote collaboration tools to project aims; balance synchronous and asynchronous interactions; encourage positive participation from remote team members; and sustain participation over time. 

Funding Information: Details About the Grant 

Project Director(s)

Tom Scheinfeldt