Muslims in America’s Midwest: An Educator’s Guide to Past and Present




Oxford, OH


June 19-30, 2023


2 weeks


Professional Development Program

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What are the histories and stories of Muslims in America's Midwest? Muslim Americans have helped to shape the contours of life in the Midwest, serving as restaurateurs, soldiers, workers on the factory floor and in the corporate boardroom, activists in the Civil Rights movement, and researchers bringing innovations to the health-care and technology sectors of the American economy. Our Institute invites teachers to explore this history and create innovative curricula to take back home. Participants will gain basic knowledge of Islam in its geographical, national, ethnic, and ideological diversity, learn about Midwestern Muslims through fiction and non-fiction texts, and develop curriculum projects promoting a pluralistic approach to religious understanding.

Project Director(s)

Kathleen Knight Abowitz; Liz Wilson

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Kayla Reneé Wheeler; Edward Curtis IV; Elizabeth (Liz) Bucar; Linda K. Wertheimer; Loukia Sarroub; Brenda Dales; Asma Mobin-Uddin; Scott Henderson; Jason Palmieri

Grantee Institution

Miami University

Funded through the Division of Education Programs