Moby-Dick and the World of Whaling in the Digital Age





June 21–July 1, July 6–9, 2021 (2 Weeks)


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Melville’s Moby-Dick, named for the white whale, swims as a literary work at the center of the established canon and one of the most frequently referenced and adapted American novels. The institute will illuminate the art and contexts of Herman Melville’s famous 19th-century American novel Moby-Dick, and help teachers from across the country interpret the book for 21st-century students. The Institute raises important questions about the quest for collective meaning-making that apply to the multiple engagements of learning as we consider together how Melville crafted an epic that resonates richly with readers two hundred years after his birth.

Project Director(s)

Timothy Marr, Wyn Kelley

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Jennifer Baker; Mary K. Bercaw Edwards; Wyn Kelley; Jeffrey Markham; Timothy Marr; Christopher Sten; Robert K. Wallace

Grantee Institution

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Funded through the Division of Education Programs