The Homestead Steel Strike and the Growth of America as an Industrial Power




Pittsburgh, PA


July 10-16, 2022; July 17-23, 2022


1 week


Professional Development Program

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This program will allow participants to immerse themselves in both sides of the battle of Homestead by examining primary sources related to Carnegie and Frick’s business practices, worker conditions, the direct aftermath of the battle, and what came in later years as U.S. business took stock of the relationship between management and labor. The availability of pertinent online resources through the University of Pittsburgh’s Library System will ensure that teachers will be able to bring home to their schools what they have discovered.

Project Director(s)

Kathryn Miller Haines; Suzi Bloom

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Ted Muller; Ken Kobus; Quentin Skrabec; Charlie McCollester; Ron Baraff; Steffi Domike; Joel Woller; Paul Kahan; Tammy Hepps; Les Standiford

Grantee Institution

University of Pittsburgh

Funded through the Division of Education Programs